Flood Insurance

Here’s Why SW Florida Residents Need Flood Insurance

In Southwest Florida, floods can be a common and damaging occurrence. Not only can heavy rainfall cause flooding, but rising sea levels also pose a significant threat to the area. With this in mind, it’s important for residents of Southwest Florida to have adequate flood insurance coverage in order to protect their homes and property from potential damage.

Floods can cause extensive damage not just to homes and buildings, but also cars and other personal possessions. This means that any property owners living in south Florida should consider investing in flood coverage as soon as possible. Coverage for floods will cover repairs or replacement costs if your home is damaged by rising water or mudslides during a storm event or other natural disaster such as hurricanes or tropical storms. It may even cover the cost of replacing destroyed items inside your home such as furniture, appliances, electronics and more.

Having adequate flood insurance will also ensure that you are able to make mortgage payments on time despite any unexpected damages caused by floods. The money received from an approved claim could help make up for any lost wages due to displacement caused by flooding events. Additionally, if you are renting out your property during peak tourism seasons like spring break or summer vacation you won’t have to worry about losing income due to unexpected damages resulting from flooding events since most policies provide protection against loss of rental income too!

For those who own waterfront properties in Southwest Florida it’s especially important they invest in flood damage insurance coverage since these areas are particularly vulnerable when it comes to natural disasters like floods due the proximity of ocean waters which tend rise quickly after heavy rains or storms surge occur offshore causing waves crashing into coastal areas with powerful force capable of destroying homes structures located on beaches nearby rivers lake shores etc…

Investing now could save thousands later on so make sure you get covered today!

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What is Not Covered

Flood insurance does not cover damages caused by floods that result from events such as earthquakes, landslides, or volcanic eruptions. Flood insurance also does not cover damage to items outside of a home, such as landscaping and swimming pools. Additionally, flood insurance typically won’t pay for the cost of cleanup after a flood—or relocation costs if an area is declared uninhabitable due to flooding.

Property owners may need to purchase additional coverage or riders to their existing policy in order to be compensated for these types of expenses or losses.

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